Princeton Boutique Gallery - Hong Kong Pre Wedding & Wedding Photography

Princeton the photographer

Princeton is a talented, passionate Hong Kong wedding photographer based in Hong Kong with footprints around the world. In his early years of photography, his stylish and inspirational approach for pre-wedding and wedding photo quickly earns him the fame as "one of the rising stars of Hong Kong Wedding Photography", as commented by world-renowned wedding photographer, Ryan Schembri.

Known for his exceptional creativity, commitment and devotion in Hong Kong wedding photography, Princeton's experience working as a marketer of luxury brand cultivated his unique eye on couture, elegance and taste. His multi-cultural education background has also nurtured him the working style with professionalism and respects for individuality. These are essential for his extraordinary creation of art-pieces in pre-wedding and wedding photo.

Princeton sees wedding photography as an art form, like painting. He says, "key is to ensure the romance would linger on the couple's mind for years to come."

Princeton emphasizes continuous learning a lifelong commitment, encouraging himself to progress further in the highly competitive world of Hong Kong wedding photography. It's also the best way to show respect for client's' trust & support. Being intensively trained in movie directing and professional photography in the US, Princeton is geared with an acute sense of shooting in classic style with contemporary touch. He knows exactly how to create an atmosphere of everlasting beauty in his pre-wedding and wedding photo, most important of all, to capture the glow on the brides's face and blissful moments of the couple. His captivating work was recognised to the highest standard and made him a multiple awards-winning photographer of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI, Las Vegas), the Oscar of global wedding photography industry.

He believes, “Every Bride Is Gorgeous”. Be as gorgeous as you can be!